Monday, May 24, 2010

Bought my ticket, ready to go!

I finally bought my ticket. It turned out to be good to wait as long as I did, though. We had thought we could get really cheap tickets from Lima to Trujillo, but that was incorrect. Turns out LAN (Peruvian airline) decided back last summer to adjust rates and charge according to where someone lives. So, we tourists pay more than the Peruvians (which I actually agree with). Waiting so long to buy my ticket means that I bought the whole way from Portland --> Trujillo rather than getting myself stuck in Lima and having to buy an extra round-trip that cost more.

Leave on 6/21. Will be in Huanchaco by the morning of 6/22 and will get straight to work at the spay / neuter clinic and building the shelter.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed financially and emotionally in making this happen. I cannot wait to help those dogs.

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