Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Final post

This will be my final post entry. This blog was started so I could share my experiences on a daily basis with friends and loved ones. The trip is over (for now).

The Perros Project originally planned on going down to Peru once every 2 years. We realized quickly while we were down there that we could go every month and still have work to do - so the plan now is to try to get down there every year. I hope to go again in 2011.

It was hard to come back to the US. I found myself suffering from some serious culture shock. I did not get online but to send 2 emails in the first week I was back, I had no real interest in watching any TV, and I did not crave sugar as I did before (unfortunately my sugar addiction is back to normal!). I was shocked and saddened by the excess I saw everywhere, even in my own life. It had been a long time since I had 2 snapshots in my brain, within hours of each other, of the differences between our 1st world country and Peru, the developing country. I stepped on a plane in Lima and got off in Miami, what I consider to be one of the hearts of excess! I have been thinking over the last week about the stark differences between my life and the lives of the Peruvians in Huanchaco. I have also been thinking a lot about the difference between my dog Sky's life and the lives of the dogs we helped. I came home to find Sky and her million dog toys happily waiting at home. She has no concept of the differences, but I could not help but notice.

I guess it becomes our responsibility up here to live our lives in as small a way possible and to try to help those who have much less - even if it is those in our own city who have less or nothing.


I could not have done this trip - emotionally, financially - without all of your help and encouragement. I hope that you enjoyed this blog and feel like you were able to experience the trip through me. I had an amazing experience. Yes, it was emotionally hard, but it was also one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things I have done in a long time.

I am forever grateful to you for your support.

Over and out (until 2011).

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